transforming a room: a closet into a nursery

My husband and I were expecting our second child, and just like most parents we were putting together a list of names — boy names.  Sure, we tossed around a few names for a baby girl, but we knew we were having another boy.  We could feel it.  Plus, that’s what the Chinese gender chart told us. Just kidding!

So, there we were, waiting for the technician to start the ultrasound and *fingers crossed* find out what we were having.  Boy. . . Girl. . .  It didn’t matter.  We loved the child.  But growing up with four other sisters, I knew what kind of special torture daughters could put their parents through.  And I was terrified.  My husband, on the other hand, was looking forward to a little girl.  At the time, D was the epitome of a mama’s boy and Daddy needed someone on his team.   It was just moments later we would find out Baby #2 was a . . .


Little duck?!

Sorry, sorry!  Just adorable baby feet! ☺️ Here we go. . . Baby #2 is a. . .


My heart stopped.  A girl?  Did she say we were having a baby girl?  I looked up at my husband.  Not with fear, nor disappointment.  Instead, I was overcome with joy I could never imagine, strength I didn’t know I had, and faith knowing God had blessed my family.  And I saw the same in my husband’s eyes.  Yes, we were having a girl.  My sweet, darling baby girl.  And now she needed a room. . .

Okay, so the title of this post might be a little deceiving, but it’s not that far off.  We didn’t really transform a closet.  It technically is a bedroom fully equipped with a teeny closet, a window, and slanted cape cod ceilings as a bonus to make the room even smaller.

 I can take 6 steps from one wall to the other and 6 steps along the other two… but I have to start ducking my head after 3.  I’m 5’0″, by the way.  Believe me when I say that many people have walk-in closets larger than my daughter’s bedroom.  But we knew what we were getting into when we bought our home.

Before turning the nursery into a nursery, it started off as my son’s. . . well, his nursery.  The colors were beige and it worked just fine as a little boy’s room.  It served its purpose as his nursery when we first moved in and continued to work well when we transitioned to his toddler bed.  We always knew that one day he would move into the larger bedroom, which was already painted the perfect shade of blue.

Once we found out that “Baby” was “Baby Girl”, we moved D into his newly decorated dinosaur room and got to work on the nursery.

The first step was deciding on a color.  Cool, muted, bright?  Which route should we take?  It didn’t take long before we knew she was going to be girly!  Soft pink and purple paint was splashed across the walls.  And it was beautiful.

We knew we wanted the room to feel peaceful.  Calm.  The slanted ceilings offered an opportunity to act as the sky reaching down in comforting embrace.  Slighty corny.  Yes, I know.  But I guess I actually do like my sloped ceilings.  Anyway, I searched everywhere for large cloud decals that could decorate the sky.  Finding the perfect design took awhile, but I finally found them at NewYorkVinyl.


Next, a trip to Target!  We were on the hunt for a white, shaggy area rug and wall decorations.  Oh, how I love Target!  We found the exact rug we had in mind.  And it came in a 4 x 5’6″!  It covers most of the hard wood in the room.


We also snatched up Threshold’s Traditional Shelf Set of 3 and a white tree wall decal that I could only find in store (not advertised on the website anywhere).  We decorated the shelves with dolls and books.


The mudroom chair from IKEA was moved to the corner of the room because we just didn’t have extra money to spend on a real glider.  It’s been working out great!  Of course, we have her crib and a small chest of drawers that converts into a changing table.

My husband’s childhood rocking horse sits in a nook finishing off the nursery.

pic1   rockinghorse

My daughter’s bedroom might be small, but it is cozy, warm, and full of love.  And this smile . . .


tells me that it’s more than enough.


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