What a difference!

Before I begin, let me start off by proclaiming my love for my husband.  I love him dearly.  And now that that’s out of the way…

I hate to admit this, but I need to be honest.  Sometimes I want to punch my husband in the face.  Not at all in the violent, full of rage type of punch.  Just the quick “why on earth are you slamming those cupboards?!” type of punch.  You know the kind I’m talking about, don’t you?

Well, last year I decided I was tired of being angry.  Tired of being awoken by slamming cupboards.  And tired of my simple (it IS simple right?) request being left unmet.  It was time to take things into my own hands.  And the answer?

Blumotion hinge adapters !


I ordered the 10 pack, and it took care of all but one of the cupboards in my kitchen.  I have 11.  I could have easily bought an additional pack but I didn’t know if they would work the way I expected them to.  My plan was to just install them on the 10 most used doors.  I could always buy more later if they worked out well.  Well, let me tell you.  They are amazing!

The adapters are super simple to install.  We did have to use our power screwdriver but that was expected.  It took my husband about 30 minutes to install all of them.  Now, try as he might, but he can NOT slam a cupboard!  It makes such a difference in the house.  It seems like with two small children we are always in the kitchen grabbing something for them to eat.  Before the adapters, I would dread the banging echoes.  Now, I can’t even tell when my husband is making a mess in the kitchen! And I couldn’t be happier!


2 thoughts on “What a difference!

  1. MommyTalk73 says:

    good to know!!! I may need to buy some of these!! ps. you know your husband is going to slam that one cupboard that didnt get these installed right? hahaha just kidding, but I know in my house, that is how it would work, the one cupboard I didnt put them on, would all of a sudden become a favorite cupboard!


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