watching a garden grow

There’s something quite satisfying about tending your own garden. The dirt between your fingers, the first leaves that sprout, the satisfaction of nurturing (and eventually biting into!) your own homegrown fruits and veggies.

Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m an expert gardener. I wouldn’t even call myself a gardener at all, but I like to dabble. I have this terrible habit of letting anything that peaks my interest take a hold of me. Or maybe, I like to become the master of all things interesting? Nevertheless, gardening has clawed it’s way into my life and into a 30′ X 25′ plot in my yard.

Go big, or go home. That’s what they say, right?

I suppose I could have started small since this was my first real experience with gardening, but why not just dive right in? I never did have much luck with getting my toes wet… just gave me a reason to not jump in.

So this adventure began last year when my husband and I decided we would have to clear the land.


This picture still cracks me up. It was actually gorgeous out, but Duca just had to have his winter gear on!




This took several weeks to complete, and we weren’t even close to being ready for the garden.  Thank goodness we planned ahead and still had a full year to prepare.

Now that the land was clear, it was time to build the fence and boxes.


We rented the trencher from Home Depot.


That machine was a beast! JG was able to trench the whole thing in under 30 minutes.


Time for the posts!


Starting to take shape…


I wasn’t thinking and didn’t take any pictures of the building process of these boxes. Anyway, here is box no. 1.


Box no. 2! Plus, we got the gate up to keep Charlie and the deer out of the beds. 😉


And box no. 3. That’s all of them for this season! We will build two mirroring boxes on that left side next year.


This year, we planted 25 bare root strawberries in that back L box, along with some radish. Tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, okra, green beans and squash are in that front box. Yukon golds are in that smaller bed.






Watching these little strawberries grow is so exciting!


I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to grow potatoes for some reason, but…


The Yukon golds have really taken off.


And of course, I couldn’t have my own little garden without naming it.


So, there you have it! Hope you enjoyed the first look at our garden, and I hope you tune back in to follow the progress of our dirty side: Hale’s Harvest.



4 thoughts on “watching a garden grow

    • Lynn says:

      Thank you! Your garden is absolutely beautiful. Looks like I’ll be able to learn a lot from you! Can’t wait to see the updates on your blog.


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