Hello, lovey.

2015-04-19 09.36.58

That’s me.  About 27 years ago or so, but I can’t say that much has changed.  Same goofy girl, cheesed out smile, and ridonkadonk clothes.  Only thing that’s changed is I’m a foot taller, ditched the bangs, and lost my shark teeth.  Gotta say the shark teeth were quite unfortunate… but I got by.

Today, I’m a 30+ year old mommy of two and wife of one.  Between my 4 y/o boy, 21 month old lady, and superhero, nerd of a husband… I have my hands (and heart) full!  And I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way.

While driving home from daycare, my son asked, “Mommy, what’s that?”  It was his first time seeing chunks of ice falling from the sky.

“It’s called hail, sweetheart.”

He stared out the window as the pellets hit the car.  “Hail…” he repeated several times, taking in this new knowledge.

A few seconds past when he called out to me again.  “Mommy, that’s hail outside… Hale, like me!”

…and a blog was born.


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